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Olympic Weightlifting is a function of four major areas: Strength, Speed, Technique, and Mobility. It is our job to hone your body in each of these areas. Generally, as one area improves, we tend to lose something in the others. To combat this, our programming encompasses movements from each category on a daily basis. As a result, our athletes become all around better weightlifters.

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Olympic Weightlifting

These classes are an opportunity to train with an Olympic weightlifting program while getting coaching and instruction on lift technique. As a class member, you will be provided with a training program.

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Strength Training

We offer private and team strength services to athletes of all sports. We can help you or your athletes develop better power, strength, speed and resilience with our expertise in Olympic weightlifting and strength training.

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Online Services

Can’t train with us in Denver? You still deserve to be faster, stronger, and more resilient. Get access to some of the best programming in the business or work remotely with a coach who can provide expert advice on performance and instruction on how to improve technique

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Personal Training

We offer personal training for clients with a range of goals. Train privately or get together with a group of friends and family for a reduced price per client. Personal training can be scheduled for single sessions or a series of sessions.

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Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
5:00pm to 8:00pm 5:00pm to 8:00pm 5:00pm to 8:00pm 9:00am to 12:00pm

Personal Training


Per Hour
  • Personalized Goal Setting
  • Group Training for Friends + Family
  • Focus on fitness and/or technique
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Remote Coach


Per Month
  • Individualized Program Design
  • Feedback on performance + instruction to improve technique
  • Weekly video analysis
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Per Month
  • Access to DBC’s Result Driven Programs
  • Programs Delivered in 4-week Blocks
  • Designed to Improve Strength + Technique
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Punch Cards


  • 10% Discount for Students, Teachers, Nonprofit, Military, LEO, and Firefighters
  • 20% Family Member Discount
  • CF LoDo members receive 20% discount on all punch cards
  • $199 per month for Unlimited access to CF LoDo + Denver Barbell Club
  • Contact us for affiliate pricing for online programs

about us

Denver Barbell Club

The Community

DBC is made up of lifters of various skill levels. We are not an intimidating group, but rather a crew that enjoys each other’s company and lifting weights. We have programs for every skill level; from beginner through advanced. If your goal is to simply build strength and improve your fitness, or if you want to qualify for Nationals or Worlds, we would love to work with you. There is only 1 requirement: have fun!


Joey Hoisescu

Head Coach + Founder

Weightlifting is something I love, pursue and deeply enjoy. I found the sport by way of CrossFit and quickly made the decision to stop focusing on my Fran time in favor of chasing kilos. Helping people become better athletes is something I take great pride in. My coaching philosophy is one of simplicity and hard work, with an intense focus on having fun. I also strive to explain things as best I can.

Rhianon Schuman

Coach + Founder

I started my athletic journey as a competitive swimmer, and competed as a D-I athlete at DU. I was exposed to Olympic Lifting through CrossFit, which I have coached for over 4 years, but always loved the lifting piece just a bit more. I love DBC because you get stronger and you get to socialize at the same time!


David Willenbrink


I got into weightlifting 2 years ago when my college roommate started dragging me along to train with him. I continued weightlifting because I like how the sport integrates the mind and body. I love coaching at DBC because I am constantly learning new things about the sport, and I get to help others develop their skills as weightlifters.

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Feel free to email, call, or visit to ask us any questions about our club and how we can help you reach your goals!

getting started

We would love to have you join us at Denver Barbell Club. We welcome people of all fitness levels because we believe everyone can benefit from strength training. There are two ways to get started at the Denver Barbell Club.

First, you can jump right in to our group classes. Our classes are small and you will get plenty of personal attention. We will take care to introduce you to a beginners strength program that allows you to learn all lifts safely and improve over time. During class, you will always perform lifts that are appropriate for your ability.

If you would like a more private, focused introduction to the lifts, we also offer one-on-one or small group personal training to teach you all the lifts you need to know, after which you can comfortably transition to group classes.