Our weightlifting programs blend the best of American athletic coaching knowledge and extensive study of European expertise. Our weightlifting programs are designed for people of all levels of Olympic lifting experience. All our lifters at the Denver Barbell Club follow this programming, and if you can’t make it to our facility in Denver, you can access our online coaching for $99 per month or personalized programming online for $20 per month.

Programming Tracks
We offer three different programming tracks plus a recovery track:

  1. Fitness: this track is for people interested in using the lifts to improve their general fitness. 4 week training blocks.
  2. Performance: this track is for people interested in improving their performance in the Olympic Lifts and who may be interested in competing. 4 week training blocks.
  3. Competition: this track is for people who love competing. Competition programming revolves around qualification periods for the American Open and the National Championships. Athletes will emerge stronger, faster and with bigger totals than ever. As part of the program, athletes take part in as many competitions as possible, ranging from local unsanctioned meets to large USAW sanctioned meets. As part of lifting under our banner, you’ll be allowed to wear the coveted black and gold singlets!

Take a peak at some of our past strength cycles. Feel free to print these out and incorporate them into your training. If you’d like to mix and match these programs, we recommend the following order that is listed below. Total Program Time = 18 weeks.

Have a specific goal that you are training for and these programs won’t work? Shoot us an email and we can talk to you about your specific goals and develop a training programming for you.

Program Purpose Intended for Emphasis Style
Start Your Engines: 4 weeks To develop timing & technique in the classic lifts, and build strength & confidence under the bar. Athletes needing improvement on basic mechanics. Technique, speed under the bar, and finishing the 2nd pull (especially in the snatch) Simple, high volume, and ability to adjust weights according to how you feel.
From Russia With Love: 6 weeks To build strength while reinforcing good positioning in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk Athletes needing more general strength and lots of exposure to classic lifts Squat strength, overhead strength, and 2nd & 3rd pull High volume squats with complexes and Jerk isolation sets.
Speed Kills: 4 weeks High volume program designed to isolate hamstrings and strengthen the pull. Continues building your back squat. Athletes wanting to add strength to the posterior chain, and who want more focus on finishing the 2nd pull & speed during the 3rd pull. Pulling strength, back squat, and timing through the 2nd & 3rd pull Back Squat sets modeled after Sam Byrd of Juggernaut Training Systems, and coupled with high volume hang variations.
Bulgarian Rhapsody: 4 weeks To develop more pulling strength, especially in the snatch. Athletes needing exposure to heavy sets and a bigger front squat. This is a PR cycle, meaning you have the green light to lift as heavy as you can on a daily basis. Snatch variations, Jerks, pulling strength, and front squat development Low volume, high intensity, and classic strength building.