Membership Hold Request


1. You have the option to put your automatically recurring monthly membership on hold for any reason. We understand things come up and we’d like to do what we can to help.

2. Membership hold requests are done in 30-day increments for up to three consecutive 30-day periods (30, 60, or 90 days).

3. If you chose to cancel your membership during the hold period, please let us know at least 5 business days prior to the hold period expiring.

    Membership Hold Duration 30 days60 days90 days
    I understand that hold requests must be submitted no less than 5 business days before my forthcoming scheduled non-refundable renewal payment. I understand that my non-refundable renewal payment will be processed if this request is submitted less than 5 business days before my renewal date. I understand that if I cancel my membership during the hold period, the 30-day notice required by my membership agreement is still applicable. I understand that my membership and non-refundable payments will resume automatically upon expiration of the hold period that I selected above. I acknowledge and accept the terms for hold.

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